Claydon: Miracle baby Callum turns 12 on 12/12/2012

Young Callum Langston today said he felt very “lucky” after his 12th birthday fell on a special date –one that won’t be seen again for another century.

Yesterday the Claydon High School pupil turned 12 on the 12th of the 12th month in 2012 and celebrated the event with his family.

His mum Mel, 36, of Lincoln Gardens, said Callum, who was born at 12.41pm, was a “miracle” baby for her and her husband Richard. After five years of tough fertility treatment, the couple gave up – then conceived naturally.

Mrs Langston said: “We took a break from the fertility treatment because we could not cope with it. Then we fell pregnant naturally.

“I have always had a thing about significant numbers. It was only when we went to register his birth that we realised the significance of the date. This year’s was extra special as it is not going to happen again in a century.”

Callum added: “I feel very lucky”.

The couple had a second “miracle” baby, Joshua, born on the seventh of the eighth month in 2009 after eight years of failed fertility treatment.

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Mrs Langston, who has fostered more than 20 children over the last eight years, added: “All through the fostering, Callum has been the most caring and kind boy you could ever meet. We have had lots of children over the years and it makes us feel very lucky.”