‘Clown chase’ at Felixstowe seafront one of several ‘clown sightings’ in Suffolk over weekend

Stock image of Felixstowe seafront.

Stock image of Felixstowe seafront. - Credit: Getty Images

Police in Suffolk received a number of reports related to the worldwide ‘killer clown’ craze at the weekend.

One person told police they had been chased by a clown “down the seafront” in Felixstowe at around 6.15pm on Saturday. It was reported at 7.30pm. Officers attended and searched the area but could not anyone matching the clown description, a force spokesman said.

The “clown craze”, also known as “killer clown”, appears to have been inspired by clown-related pranks in the US and has seen a string of copycat incidents across the country.

Suffolk Constabulary received three other reports about people dressed as clowns acting suspiciously and frightening members of the public over the weekend. There were no injuries in any of the reports.

A force spokesman said: “While we recognise that some people might be distressed, we would caution that verified sightings are rare.

“We would ask that if people do see somebody in the street which causes distress, report it straight away.”

In Leiston, two people called police saying they had seen a clown in a park in the Waterloo Avenue area at 9.15pm on Saturday. Officers searched the area but did not find anyone.

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A bus passenger in Lowestoft said he saw a man with “red hair” wearing a “stripy costume” at around 7.10pm on Saturday.

In Brandon, someone reported to police shortly before 7.30pm on Saturday from their homes that they had earlier seen someone in a “clown costume”.

Police did not attend the Lowestoft or Brandon reports.

Nationally, while others have mostly escaped unharmed from the “frightening” incidents, police are warning potential offenders they still may be committing a Public Order Offence.

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