Comment: What have William and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, got to look forward to? Liz Nice on royal baby number two

Kate and William on their wedding day

Kate and William on their wedding day - Credit: PA

Well congrats to William and Kate, writes mother-of-two Liz Nice.

A second baby is on the way and, like all the royal experts I’ve heard on the radio this morning, I can ‘reveal’ that they will be delighted. Once poor Kate, who is Royal Patron of East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices, has stopped vomiting (she suffers from extreme morning sickness) she will be even more so.

The second pregnancy is generally a little bit easier because you know what to expect. What isn’t so easy is that while carting around her neat, football-style bump, Kate will also be running around after a one year old.

I remember I used to have to lie on the floor to get my elder son to go to sleep. This would take an hour, followed by a further hour to get up again.

Still, Kate and William won’t have to worry. They have servants for this kind of thing.

The good news is that we can now look forward to nine months or so of baby updates and royal correspondents bringing us more exclusives such as ‘Kate is likely to be having a boy…or a girl’ and ‘The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are very pleased.”

Although this will not trouble the royal couple, the second child has a habit of turning a group of three people who are able to go pretty much anywhere into a group of people who…watch telly.

One thing I used to worry about that may, I can exclusively reveal, have crossed Kate’s mind: how can one possibly love number two as much as one loves number one? And then number two comes out and one quickly puts an end to all of that nonsense.

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