Community service for dog's owner

PUBLISHED: 18:00 27 September 2001 | UPDATED: 10:34 03 March 2010

A SUFFOLK man has been given two community punishment orders after his dogs savaged another dog leaving a gash the size of a man's fist and puncturing its lung.

A SUFFOLK man has been given two community punishment orders after his dogs savaged another dog leaving a gash the size of a man's fist and puncturing its lung.

Wayne Jordan, of Levington Lane, Bucklesham was sentenced at South East Suffolk Magistrates yesterday. The 27-year-old sat in court accompanied by family to await the sentence.

The court heard how Victor Bell took his dog Shep, a border collie out for his usual walk and when he came to an open field he was confronted by Jordan's two dogs: Gunner, a Greyhound and Arnie, a Great Dane. The court heard how Mr Bell described the dogs as growling as they came towards him. He said he felt very frightened and Shep could tell something was wrong.

The dogs then proceeded to attack Shep, leaving him with a punctured lung; a suspected dislocated back leg and numerous cuts and gashes that required stitches. Mr Bell threw himself on top of Shep during the attack to try and protect him and sustained injuries himself, including a badly injured thumb which is permanently disfigured. He said the noises Shep was making were awful and he feared that after the attack Shep was dying.

Mr Bell described Jordan's attitude to the attack as indifferent and said he showed no remorse or concern for him or his dog.

In mitigation Roger Stewart said: "This has affected Mr Jordan very badly and he has been signed off work by his doctor through stress.

"Contrary to what the prosecution said he does feel remorse and as soon as he was told of the vet bills he arranged to pay these with out question.

"In respect of the dogs he has taken steps to make sure this never happens again. The Greyhound, Gunner has been re-homed in Surrey at the Retired Greyhound Trust so the dogs are no longer together."

A letter was read to the court from the trust to say that Gunner had shown no aggressive behaviour since being there. Jordan's vet also sent a letter in respect of the Great Dane, Arnie vouching for his character as a well-adjusted family animal.

When sentencing, chairman of the bench Patrick Oudkerk said: "We have decided not to give you a custodial sentence and we make two community punishment orders to run concurrently. The aggravating feature was that you did not have control of your dogs but we have also taken in to consideration the remorse you feel and the fact you paid the vets bills."

Jordan was given two 120-hour community punishment orders and ordered to pay £1000 compensation and £55 costs.

Contingent destruction orders were made in respect of both dogs so that they must wear muzzles and leads in public at all times or face destruction.

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