Concern over increase in litter in Pinewood after wave of bin vandalism

Pinewood Parish Council's chairman Robert Manning says litter has increased in the area since One op

Pinewood Parish Council's chairman Robert Manning says litter has increased in the area since One opened

Litter has increased in an area of Ipswich after vandals repeatedly targeted waste bins, councillors have said.

A number of bins have been damaged in Pinewood over the past year, prompting officials at the authority to think about how waste is disposed of in the ward.

Chairman of Pinewood Parish Council, Robert Manning said they had lost bins after people had tried to set them on fire or had torn them from the lampposts.

He said councillors had discussed installing bins attached to the ground in a bid to deter vandals.

Speaking at the council’s monthly meeting last week, parish clerk, Sandra Peartree said the vandalism of bins had a resulted in more litter in the parish.

She said the worst area for litter was Scrivener Drive, home to One sixth form and one of the main roads into Ipswich from Copdock Tesco.

Mr Manning said: “A lot of bags fly over from the supermarket, it blows all the way through to Pinewood.

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“We do go out litter picking but it’s time consuming and it can be quite dangerous, in the past we have found sharp needles.”

Mr Manning said the litter problem had increased since One, which is the largest sixth form in Suffolk, opened in 2010.

He said: “We need One college to announce it more often for the students to use the bins and not just throw it.”

Mr Manning said he is planning to meet with representatives from Tesco and One to find a solution to the problem.

He said he hoped the organisations would provide more bins for the people who used their services.

“I know Tesco has provided an additional bin at the crossing at the main road before now but that also got vandalised,” he added.

Michael Peachey, director of estates and commercial services at One, said: “We constantly remind our students to be respectful of the area surrounding the college and will continue to do this.”

He said he had not been invited to a specific meeting with Mr Manning but added: “We are happy to continue to work with Tesco and local community groups on this matter as we have done in the past.”

A representative from Tesco was not available to comment.