Concerns raised over return of drug dealing in Holywells Park

Drug dealing has been reported in covered areas of Holywells Park

Drug dealing has been reported in covered areas of Holywells Park - Credit: Archant

Concerns have been raised by businesses around Holywells Park after reports of at least five or six drug deals per day happening in broad daylight.

Star; Liz Harsant; Picture Owen Hines; ES 25/2/08

Star; Liz Harsant; Picture Owen Hines; ES 25/2/08 - Credit: Archant

Since the beginning of the six-week summer holidays, firms in the area have noted an increase in deals happening in the park – particularly around the Myrtle Road entrance, with park staff frequently having to clean up needles and drug paraphernalia.

John Webb, contract supervisor at Phoenix Travel in Myrtle Road, said: “I have really noticed it badly over the last couple of months and the beginning of the holidays.

“It’s in broad daylight, and there will be five or six deals going today but often it’s more.

“We even have several pop in the yard say can we use your phone to contact their dealers and can we have a drink of water?”

Drug dealing had been an issue in the park before its revamp last summer, but is understood to have died down over the last year.

The bench at the Myrtle Road entrance and foliage which covers the area is set to be removed, which aims to stop people congregating there to carry out deals, while park wardens will also be patrolling the area regularly.

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Liz Harsant, Ipswich borough councillor for the Holywells ward, said: “It’s such a shame and really unacceptable – parents come through there with their children, but police are very much on the case.”

A Suffolk police spokeswoman said that they were working on drug crimes across the whole town, with Holywells Park one of the areas highlighted as an issue.

“A Neighbourhood Policing Group meeting involving the constabulary and local partners has recently taken place in which concerns were raised regarding drug-related incidents in Holywells Park in Ipswich,” the spokeswoman added.

“A plan of action to tackle the situation is being progressed and our partner agencies are carrying out work to help address these issues.

“The drugs unit are aware of issues in this area and have already carried out patrols in the park this week and continue to actively monitor the situation. Officers will take robust action against those committing criminal offences.”