Concerns raised that overgrown sign at Copdock roundabout could be putting motorists’ lives in danger

Only the very top of the road sign at Copdock roundabout can now be seen due to overgrown vegetation

Only the very top of the road sign at Copdock roundabout can now be seen due to overgrown vegetation. Picture: RODNEY COOK - Credit: Archant

A Suffolk motorist fears an overgrown road sign at Copdock roundabout in Ipswich could be putting fellow road users in danger.

Rodney Cook, 64, of Wardley Close, Ipswich, says he spotted the view of the sign was blocked by bushes months ago but has been told it cannot be cut back until September as there may be birds nesting in the branches.

The sign guides drivers to the A14 towards Felixstowe as they approach the Copdock roundabout when heading out of Ipswich.

Mr Cook says although he loves our feathered friends, he believes human lives are more important than birds’.

“It hasn’t overgrown since April, it has been like it for months before that,” he said.

“I do accept it is a dense bush and that there could be birds in there. But it is about priorities – the sign has been put there by highways for a reason.

“I think people are more important than birds.

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“You can only see the top of the sign, if somebody slows down suddenly and there is an accident I think the council will be responsible. If I were the council I would dig that bush out and clear the ground in front of the sign.

“This sign was put there for safety reasons and it is completely overgrown. If signs are important to safety then they need to be trimmed, if they are not then why aren’t they just taken down. If they are there for a reason then they should be maintained and kept clear.

“I love birds, I am a member of the RSPB myself, it just feels like they are giving out the bird nesting response automatically.”

Councillor James Finch, Suffolk County Council’s cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “This is not the only sign notifying motorists of their direction, as signs leading up to the roundabout coming out of Ipswich tell people of the directions and there are clear markings on the road as well.

“If it was a safety sign (such as a ‘give way’ or ‘stop’ sign at a prominent junction), we would be out immediately to make it visible.

“However this sign is for information and it has been decided, taking into account the law, the environment, and the ecology of the area to cut it back after the bird nesting season.”

He said if motorists would like to report road issues, including signs being blocked, they can report it online here.

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