Consultants fear for future of hospital

IPSWICH Hospital's future is under threat.

IPSWICH Hospital's future is under threat.

That was the grim warning from top consultants today who fear plans to stop pancreatic cancer surgery at Heath Road could leave other services at risk.

Their concerns come after specialist head and neck cancer surgery was scrapped last year and while the debate about treating emergency heart attack victims outside of the county continues to rage.

Consultants David Rae and Martin Sinclair, who currently carry out the pancreatic surgery - with excellent results, have warned the move will once again de-skill the hospital and leave Suffolk patients disadvantaged.

Meanwhile head and neck consultant Lynne Fryer has revealed that her worst fears have come true following last year's decision, with the department effectively downgraded and now struggling to attract top-quality staff.

Today the hospital's chief executive, Andrew Reed, admitted moves to centralise services away from Ipswich were hitting morale and added: “It is a really tough time for the hospital what with the head and neck debate last year, the pancreatic debate and the discussion about heart attack care.”

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