Copdock: Prince Harry excites shoppers on trip to Tesco

PRINCE Harry took a break from flying the fearsome Apache helicopter to go shopping in a Suffolk supermarket, it emerged last night.

The 26-year-old Captain, who is based at Wattisham Airfield, was spotted at the Tesco Extra store in Copdock, near Ipswich, on Wednesday.

Wearing civilian clothes, he looked relaxed as he settled back into a daily routine after his successful role as best man in his brother’s glittering wedding to Kate Middleton.

There was even a light-hearted moment when the cashier asked if he would like cashback.

One eyewitness, Natalie Killelay-Loose, said she was overcome with excitement when she saw him.

“I was putting shopping into my car when a lady came running up to me. I thought something was wrong because she was saying ‘oh my God, oh my God’.

“She said she had just seen Prince Harry in the queue for the checkout. She said the cashier asked Prince Harry if he wanted cashback, which she thought was quite funny.

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“I turned around and saw him walking past. I was stunned.

“I got so flustered, I dropped my handbag and everything spilled over the road.

“My best friend said one of her friends had seen him there the evening before.”

The 31-year-old, of Oulton Road, Ipswich, said the prince was wearing a pale blue baseball cap and a polo shirt.

The mother-of-two added: “It looked as though he was with two people – possibly a bodyguard or someone from the barracks and another man who was all in black.

“I was surprised how tall Harry was. They didn’t seem to carrying any shopping, but I couldn’t see fully.”

Amanda Foster, press officer for Prince Harry, said: “Prince Harry is like anyone else. He goes about his business in a normal way, but he does have people to protect him.”

Harry is currently learning how to use the Apache in battle and will be based at Wattisham for eight months.