Cops: Sex in the woods is not illegal

Men having sex in cars and the woods at a lay-by on the old A45 are not committing any offences, police said today.

LEVINGTON: Men having sex in cars and the woods at a lay-by on the old A45 are not committing any offences, police said today.

There has been some concern from people in the Levington area at the number of single men using the lay-by.

But officers say the men, several of whom are married, pose “absolutely no danger”.

Residents say use of the lay-by - just yards from where the bodies of two Ipswich sex workers, victims of Steve Wright, were found - has increased since action has been taken to drive out the illicit sexual activity from Nacton foreshore, a car park used by families.

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Making the car park less enclosed and shutting it with barriers at night means the users have had to find other locations for their trysts.

The lay-by on the old A45 has been used for many years and there is a well-worn path into the small plantation of trees alongside where men are seen to come and go frequently.

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Felixstowe police commander Insp Steve Gallant said officers were aware of the sexual activity.

“It's not illegal and they are not committing any offences, and I don't know of anyone who has come across anyone in compromising or embarrassing positions in the woods,” he said.

“We have never had any reports of people being propositioned.

“The profile of the men using that site is such that the last thing they want to do is to be caught - most of them are married people with an outside interest.

“We are aware of what goes on, we patrol the area, but at this moment in time we are not actively seeking to dissuade people.”

The police's biggest concern is litter - tissues and condoms - and via gay cruising web sites they are urging men to keep the site clean so the activities do not cause any offence.

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