Could more snow be on the way?

The snow and ice might have melted away for now but a white New Year could be on the cards.

IPSWICH: The snow and ice might have melted away for now but a white New Year could be on the cards.

Forecasters today predicted more arctic weather could be headed for Suffolk, despite a slight rise in temperatures.

While Suffolk again woke with a shiver this morning, much of the wintery weather cleared for the Yuletide festivities.

Cloudy conditions are forecast with weather experts predicting a mixture of cold snaps and milder temperatures.

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Jim Bacon, forecaster at Weatherquest, said: “The main issue with the weather over Christmas was the ice the cold snaps had caused.

“Things will get slightly warmer but there will be a battle between cold and warmer fronts, so the weather will be slightly mixed this week and there are chances of some rain in the next couple of days.

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“We didn't get any snow on Christmas Day and things should warm up during the next week.”

But don't pack away your sledges just yet.

Mr Bacon said: “There are definite possibilities of snow for New Year's Eve and the morning of New Year's Day.

“The weather will also become a lot more wintery again and it will turn colder.”

Last week, much of the country came to a standstill when snow swept across the nation - playing havoc with the roads and leaving many travellers struggling to get to their festive destinations.

Although parts of the country experienced an idyllic white Christmas, it proved to be the 39th Christmas Day without snowfall in East Anglia.

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