Could new signs herald entrances to the town centre?

One of the new signs for Ipswich.

One of the new signs for Ipswich.

After years of discussion, new signs could finally be making an appearance at some of the entrances to Ipswich.

Six new signs could be put up at the entrances to the town over the next few months telling visitors that they are arriving at “East Anglia’s Waterfront Town” – each including a picture of one of the town’s best-known features.

But while many of the images have already been chosen, the borough council is still looking for other suggestions for another image that sums up the town for one of the entrances.

The signs should go up at London Road, Wherstead Road, Woodbridge Road East, Felixstowe Road, Bury Road, and Nacton Road.

They have been designed by Ipswich Council – and have been inspected by the county council before they are sent to the Department of Transport for approval.

A spokesman for the borough said the process had been protracted because the dimensions of the signs had to fulfil detailed criteria – and it was vital that this was checked by the borough before being submitted to the government for final approval.

Borough leader David Ellesmere said the new signs would show off some of the best features of the town to visitors – especially those paying their first visit to Ipswich.

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“It has taken a long time to get here but we are finally nearly ready for the signs to be made, once all the designs have been completed and approved.”

The signs were seen as a key element of improving the town’s image by members of the Ipswich Vision – the existing signs have come under fire for their lack of imagination and description of the town as a “public open space.”

Anyone with any suggestions for images for the signs should write to me at the address above – we will pass them on to the borough.

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