Could your video provide the answers in stock car crash investigation at Foxhall Stadium?

Scene of an incident at the Foxhall Stadium after two people were injured. Photo: BBC Suffolk

Scene of an incident at the Foxhall Stadium after two people were injured. Photo: BBC Suffolk - Credit: Archant

The owner of Foxhall Stadium wants your help in finding out what happened during a racing accident which put two in hospital.

On Saturday night, shortly after a no-injury crash had temporarily halted stock car racing at the venue, a second incident saw a vehicle career onto the centre green.

A track worker and two St John Ambulance volunteers were caught up in the incident and suffered injuries.

Two ended up in hospital, with the track worker requiring stitches to his head and one of the St John volunteers needing an operation on her ankle.

An investigation has been launched by stadium managers Spedeworth Motorsport and owner Dean Wood says video evidence could be crucial to finding out exactly how the drama unfolded.

And he has asked anyone who was in the stands at the time who might have been filming the race to send it in to the company.

Explaining the build up to the incident, which happened at around 9pm, Mr Wood said: “The stock car driver went unconscious after hitting the wall.

“It veered onto the green and hit the pace car.”

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He added what happened next was not entirely clear and was the purpose of taking a look at any videos.

Mr Wood said he was unsure whether the pace ccollided with the casualties or the stock car itself.

Of the injuries he said: “There were three people involved. One of them (a St John volunteer) had a couple of bruises.

“One (the track worker) had a couple of cuts to the head and has been released from hospital.

“The other person was the first aid lady and she’s got to have an operation on her ankle.”

Mr Wood also said the track is still open for business.

“There’s nothing that is going to affect anything else,” he said.

“It was a freak accident and we are going to look to prevent it happening again.”

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