Council backtrack over plans to resurface damaged Ipswich road

Damage to road surface on Toller Road, Ipswich

Damage to road surface on Toller Road, Ipswich

Confusion has reigned after plans were announced to resurface a busy road in Ipswich but highways officials later denied any knowledge of the scheme.

Last month, a meeting of the Ipswich Borough Council south east area committee revealed work had been planned at the junction of Toller Road and Landseer Road, where lorries turning is understood to have contributed to damage to the road surface.

Speaking at the meeting on March 16, committee chairman Bill Quinton read out a statement from highways, which said: “The temporary repairs that have been undertaken are failing within a relatively short time.

“A permanent repair involving a road closure is expected to be carried out in the next few weeks.”

But when asked what date work was likely to start, Suffolk County Council highways officials said there were no planned works.

A spokesman from the county council said: “We have no planned work in the area, especially not where we have recently resurfaced.”

It is still not clear if any work is in the pipeline to resurface the stretch of road.

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Ipswich borough councillor for the Holywells ward Liz Harsant said she was “horrified” to hear that the permanent resurfacing wouldn’t take place, and vowed to find out why no work was being carried out.

“It’s probably the most used bit of road and quite a fast bit of road,” she said.

“When you see lorries there it needs to be done, it’s very disappointing.”

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