Councillor asks for views from public on future of Anglesea Road traffic island in Ipswich

Councillor Christopher Chambers is conducting a survey to gauge how people feel about the Anglesea R

Councillor Christopher Chambers is conducting a survey to gauge how people feel about the Anglesea Road traffic island Picture: ADAM HOWLETT - Credit: ADAM HOWLETT

An Ipswich county councillor is asking the community what they think should happen to the Anglesea Road traffic island after receiving complaints of traffic problems in the area.

Councillor Christopher Chambers, who represents the St Margarets and Westgate ward, said he does not have a strong opinion on the future of the island himself - but wants to know how the community sees the issue.

Mr Chambers has set up an online survey and is asking those who live nearby to have their say.

The traffic island was installed on the road last year, restricting traffic to one lane as vehicles enter Henley Road.

However, Mr Chambers said some of his constituents have said they think the island should be removed so that two lanes can be used, giving traffic turning left a extra lane to pass.

He said: “The traffic island was installed in June or July last year, soon after I was elected.

“Ever since, when I speak to residents, I have received complaints about it.

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“Occasionally, if I am doing to a meeting that side of town, I have been caught in the traffic before.

“It can be particularly bad when its raining and there are more cars on the road.”

Mr Chambers said he is not yet planning to campaign on the issue but would like his constituents to guide how he represents them.

Volunteers have been handing out leaflets in the area for the past two weeks, urging people to voice their views on the island to let Mr Chambers know how the community would like him to treat the issue.

He said the issue has been ‘divisive’ among residents - with around half who have replied to the survey saying the island should be demolished, and half saying it should be left where it is.

“Results to the survey over the last few weeks have been quite 50/50.

“I originally thought it would be an overwhelming majority towards people wanting it removed.

“But this is just about getting opinions and can swing either way.”

In June, a 20mph zone was approved for the road after gaining the support of the local community.

If you live in the area or use the road regularly and want to let Councillor Chambers know how you feel on the issue visit and fill in the survey.

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