Councils to crack down on Bawdsey parking problem

The three councils have joined forces to crack down on the parking issue. 

The three councils have joined forces to crack down on the parking issue. - Credit: Bawdsey parish Council

County, district and parish councils are uniting to tackle the growing number of visitors and parking issues at the riverside haven of Bawdsey Quay. 

There is a free car park as you enter the quay area. However, many drivers prefer to park on the Ferry Road verge for both a riverside view and easy access to the sandy foreshore. 

A spokesperson for Suffolk County Council said: “Campervan owners in large numbers regularly park up and some stay overnight.  

“This causes considerable verge erosion, congestion along the roads with safety implications and restricts the views for other drivers.” 

Car parking spaces down the quay are soon to be marked out and a one-way route to better inform drivers of where to park.  

Chairman of Bawdsey Parish Council, Andrew Block said: “Whilst we welcome visitors to this lovely part of the coast, we have seen the congestion this causes as drivers jostle for spaces putting pedestrians and children at risk.  

“There is also the worrying damage being caused to the grass verge in front of the river wall. 

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“We are keen to help visitors park safely and welcome the joined-up approach by the three councils.” 

County councillor Andrew Reid, whose division includes Bawdsey, said"The county council has worked hard to come up with the best proposals that will make Bawdsey Quay a safer place to visit."

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