Couple's shock as car ends up in garden

A COUPLE yesterday told of their shock after a car ended up in their front garden following an accident.

Hollie-Rae Merrick

A COUPLE yesterday told of their shock after a car ended up in their front garden following an accident.

Andrew and Julie Bagley, who live on the corner of Freehold Road and Crabbe Street, Ipswich, were left shaken after a collision between two cars ended up with one of the vehicles crashing through their garden wall.

Fire fighters from Colchester Road Fire Station and Princes Street were called to the incident at 4.33pm yesterday after reports of a two vehicle collision.

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After arriving on the scene, crews worked to make the area and the vehicles safe.

Police were also called, after the clash between a black Ford Fiesta and a red Peugeot, caused the destruction of a family garden.

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The crash, which took place on the junction between Kemball Street, Freehold Road and Crabbe Street, lef both drivers suffering from shock.

Julie Bagley, who was at home with her sons when the incident happened, said: “It was such a massive shock because all I heard was this massive bang.

“I got up and looked out the window and just saw that this car had come through the wall and I could see the poor little driver's face - I was so worried.”

“I was just really concerned that someone was hurt - but luckily both the ladies involved were fine and that's the main thing.”

After discovering what had happened right outside her doorstep, Mrs Bagley then invited both women into her home for a cup of tea.

She later added: “I invited them both in because I was worried about them - one of the ladies was suffering badly from shock so I made them both a cup of tea.”

Andrew Bagley said: “It's only a car and it's only a wall - our main concern was everyone's health and luckily no one was hurt.

“This is such a dangerous junction, in a way I'm quite surprised that nothing like this has happened before here.”

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