Couple set for emotional reunion after eight months apart

FELIXSTOWE: After more than eight months apart and doubts cast on the strength of their relationship, husband and wife Jeremy Langworthy and Piyawadee Apisuk will be back together next month.

The couple, who faced questions from UK Border Agency officials over whether they had entered into a “marriage of convenience”, will have an emotional reunion at Heathrow Airport when her plane touches down from the Far East.

The couple were told they could marry, but she was kicked out of Britain and sent back to Thailand after her visitor visa expired.

Mr Langworthy, 50, of Kentford Road, Felixstowe, said: “We can’t wait to see each other – it’s been such an awful time.

“After the authorities refused her permanent residency visa, we lodged an appeal and was given an appeal date to go to court in London.

“The next day, the Home Office rang to say it had all been sorted out and she can come home as soon as she wants.

“It was wonderful news and we just couldn’t believe it after all the palava we have been through.

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“Piyawadee immediately went to the British Embassy in Bangkok and was given her visa and a two-year residency card.”

Mr Langworthy, who works at a seafront amusement arcade, had booked a flight to go out to Thailand next month to see his wife.

“I have cancelled all that now because I will be at the airport waiting for her to arrive home,” he said.

“We are both thrilled and excited – I am busy doing the housework and getting everything ready!”

The couple met two years ago after Piyawadee, 30, who was studying in London, came to Felixstowe for a short stay to work at the Marlborough Hotel.

She will now have to stay in Britain for two years and then apply for citizenship.

UK Border Agency officials said all visa applications are considered on their merits and in accordance with the immigration rules, and entry clearance officers had not initially been satisfied that Ms Apisuk’s application met all the criteria.

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