Couple told home will be demolished

AFTER 14 years of uncertainty an elderly couple have finally been told that their homes will be demolished to make way for a car park.When Russell and Christine Eaton moved in to their home in Langer Road, Felixstowe, they were told not to bother spending money on maintenance as the council would eventually compulsory purchase it.

OUT you go! That is the stark order given to OAPs Russell and Christine Eaton, whose home in Felixstowe is being compulsorily purchased to make way for a car park.

But rather than distressing the couple, today's marching orders come as a relief after 14 years of waiting.

When Mr and Mrs Eaton moved into their home in Langer Road in 1988, they were told not to bother spending money on maintenance as the council would eventually purchase it.

Now, as the out-dated wooden window frames continue to crumble, the couple have been told to leave.

Mr and Mrs Eaton and their next-door neighbours David and Pat Trentfield have been told by Suffolk Coastal council that their homes are to be demolished.

Although the neighbours have fond memories of their homes, they are glad to be moving as it will provide them with certainty and peace of mind.

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Mr Trentfield, who has lived with his family in their bungalow for nine years, has high blood pressure due to the stress of his uncertain future.

And Mr Eaton, 77, who used to own the now-demolishedCavendish Hotel in Felixstowe, wants to spend the rest of his retirement without the threat of eviction.

He said that all they want now is the market value of their homes and for the council to cover their relocation costs.

Mr Trentfield, 59, supports plans to develop the derelict land next to his home. He said he was not angry with the council, just annoyed that he has been "fobbed off" at council meetings.

He said no one would give him straight answers and that he was passed around from councillor to councillor.

A spokesman for the council said councillors' hands were tied in discussing more about the compulsory purchase because of the legalities of the order.

He said the matter had been discussed through the proper channels and because they have received complaints there will be a public inquiry.

He also added that the council had not submitted plans for a car park but that there were designs to include parking in the development.

Mr Trentfield also criticised the West End Felixstowe Residents' Association (Wefra) for appearing more concerned about beach huts and sea views than the loss of his home.

Doreen Rayner, chairwoman of Wefra, rubbished the claims. She said: "I went to see Mrs Eaton and she said she didn't mind moving – she seemed quite all right about it."

She said Wefra had also supported them by writing letters to the Secretary of State in opposition of the compulsory purchase order.