Courageous Erin, 3, has beaten cancer with a smile on her face

IPSWICH: Adorable Erin Colley is just three years old, but she has already overcome the odds in her fight against leukaemia.

The little star, of Spencer Road, Ipswich, was diagnosed with the brutal disease on August 26 this year, when she was two years old.

And instead of being able to play alongside her two older sisters – Ellyse, ten, and Amelia, seven – Erin’s life quickly became a cycle of medication, hospital visits and chemotherapy treatment.

Today, her mum, Lisa Colley, described her youngest daughter as “an inspiration”, as her family and friends pull together in the hope of sending her to Disneyland Paris by organising special fundraiser events.

She said: “I was so, so scared when she was diagnosed. She is my baby after all. We were all completely terrified.”

It wasn’t until her parents noticed her tiny body was covered in bruises and her energy levels rapidly declined that they took her to the Deben Road doctor’s surgery.

Erin, who has turned three since she started treatment, was urgently referred to Ipswich Hospital with fears she might have suffered a blood clot.

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Doctors diagnosed Erin with leukaemia the same day and transferred her to Addenbrooke’s Hospital where she began chemotherapy the following day.

The “bubbly and excitable” tot is now on the road to recovery after experts at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, in Cambridgeshire, revealed that she is in remission.

But despite being given the all clear, loveable Erin still has to attend Addenbrooke’s for visits and has weekly appointments at Ipswich Hospital.

When asked what she was most looking forward to, Erin said she was excited to have her hair plaited when it grows back.

The beautiful tot added: “I was poorly but I am better now.”

Proud mum, Lisa, 38, said the last three months had been very emotional for all the family.

She added: “She was so brave considering she is so young and that she was in hospital for more than five weeks. The chemotherapy was very intensive.

“She was unbelievable, it was a complete shock because you never think it will be your child.

“She was amazing, such an inspiration. It was horrible to see someone so little go through that.”

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