Crash leads to calls for safety measures

FRESH calls were made today for improvements at a Felixstowe junction where there have been a series of accidents.

Richard Cornwell

FRESH calls were made today for improvements at a Felixstowe junction where there have been a series of accidents.

Residents living near the Garrison Lane traffic lights say there are frequent crashes and some believe the lights should be altered to make it safer for motorists.

Three fire crews were called to deal with the latest incident when two cars were involved in a head-on collision.

The crash happened at about 6.40pm on Wednesday at the junction of Garrison Lane and High Road West and involved a silver Ford Fiesta, registered to an owner from Hadleigh, and a blue Nissan Micra, driven by an elderly couple from Felixstowe.

Firefighters cut the roof off one of the vehicles to free two passengers from the wreckage.

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Ambulance crews took two people to hospital, although neither was believed to be seriously hurt.

Over the past few years there have been a number of accidents, some causing injuries and others damage only - with the main problems being for vehicles turning right, but also the speed of oncoming traffic.

Les Docking, who has lived on the corner of High Road West for 20 years, said the situation had definitely worsened.

“There are often collisions there and it is time something was done to make it safer and easier for drivers,” he said.

“We heard a bang on Wednesday and I went straight out to see if I could help and I could see there were people trapped, but people there said they had already called the ambulance.

“There needs to be a filter light for people turning right each way - there is if you come from Walton towards Felixstowe, but not if you come from the other directions.

“The traffic has increased enormously since we came here and I don't know what it will be like when they build the extra homes.”

Another resident said: “We often see people trying to beat the lights. I think people start to move before they should.”

A Suffolk County Council spokeswoman said police officers informed the highways department of every accident which caused injury and investigations were always undertaken to see if the junction needs improving.

“We look at all the contributing factors identified in the police report - it might be driver behaviour or speeding - and the junction itself as part of our investigation,” she said.

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