Calls to crush and seize cars to tackle ongoing anti-social behaviour

Cars that are allegedly loitering and behaving anti-socially in Copdock Tesco car park. 

Cars that are allegedly loitering and behaving anti-socially in Copdock Tesco car park. - Credit: Babergh District Councillor Richard Hardacre

Urgent action has been called for to deal with so-called boy-racers whose night-time activities are ruining a community's quality of life.

Figures in Pinewood and Copdock have called for more enforcement including financial penalties and the seizing and crushing of vehicles to "make an example". 

Residents have written to leaders to say they often experience loud music, revving engines, exhaust pipe popping, tyres screeching late at night or early hours of the morning. 

Christopher Hudson, Conservative member for Belstead Brook at Suffolk County Council.

Councillor Christopher Hudson - Credit: SUFFOLK COUNTY COUNCIL

County councillor Chris Hudson said: "As the county member, I am shocked and appalled at this illegal, dangerous and inconsiderate behaviour by a few boy racers, who should be stopped forthwith.

"I remain worried and concerned that this anti-social behaviour is blighting my constituents' division. I urge the police to act accordingly to remove this longstanding danger from our streets.

"It's affecting their quality of life because they can't go to bed at night or they're being woken up."

Cllr Hudson and Pinewood Parish Council are among those calling for tougher action.

Cllr Hudson added: "We need to eradicate this pestilence. I would urge the police to crush some of these motors if they have to, to make an example.

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"I'm really looking for urgent action. I fear that a car is a lethal weapon in those people's hands.

"It poses a lethal threat to residents, the environment, peace and quiet and health. It's a health and well-being issue at the end of the day."

On May 4, Suffolk police were called at 10.50pm following reports of vehicle-based anti-social behaviour at Tesco, Copdock, where loud music, exhausts and nosy engines were heard.

Officers attending found no trace of vehicles but the force said it will continue over the summer to conduct regular patrols.

A Suffolk police spokesman said in March, officers issued four tickets and three section 59 warnings, which allows an officer to seize and remove a vehicle.

The spokesman said: “Those who choose to consistently show no regard for the community will be robustly dealt with and we are very grateful for the valuable role that the public play in being vigilant and reporting any signs of such anti-social behaviour.”

Suffolk police and crime commissioner Tim Passmore has been contacted about the issue and said it was sad it had become an issue again.

Tim Passmore, Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner

Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

He said: "I absolutely understand local residents' frustration. As far as I'm concerned, any anti-social behaviour is unacceptable and particularly in this instance where these drivers are being a real nuisance and disturbing the peace for local residents."

The matters have been discussed at the last Pinewood Parish Council. 

A spokesman for the parish council said: "It is proposed representations will be made to Tesco to request they take action to prevent the group from congregating on their land.

"This problem has been ongoing for years with occasional police intervention.

"The police and crime commissioner should be instructing the chief constable to tell his staff to be more forceful in issuing penalty notices along with seize and crush the offending vehicles."

Babergh District Councillor, Richard Hardacre, said: “These cars are much, much louder than usual road noise, including very loud ‘gunfire’ sounds, late at night when residents are trying to sleep.

"We’ve been around and around with this, with the police, Tesco, and County Council all saying it’s someone else’s issue to fix. It’s clear that the occasional fine hasn’t deterred them.”