Members 'gutted' after bikes stolen from Ipswich BMX Club

A view of Ipswich BMX club on landseer road after it was broken into

Four bikes were taken when Ipswich BMX club's clubhouse was broken into on Sunday - Credit: Ipswich BMX Club

Four bikes have been stolen from Ipswich BMX club causing damages of £3,000.

The bikes, which were collectively worth more than £1,200, were taken from their new clubhouse in Landseer Park early on Sunday morning. 

Tracy Reeve, club secretary said "The clubhouse alarm went off so the police and key-holders were notified.

"The police arrived first, then the keyholders. We think that the thieves were only on site for four minutes, but that gave them time to break the bottom window pane and throw the bikes out the window.

"Bikes aren't normally stored on site, they were only there because they were in the process of being built by our volunteers."

Ms Reeve added that the club was "gutted" about the theft of the bikes, and that it would have a "huge" impact on the club's operations. 

She said: "It means we are unable to loan the bikes out to our influx of new riders — lots of people come along without suitable bikes to try BMXing out and now they can't.

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"The bikes were purchased with money donated by a member of the council. They were for loaning out to the community. They've robbed the whole community."

The club is asking for donations to help raise money to repair their clubhouse and replace the lost bikes. One can make a contribution here