'Human Scalextric track' - Council's alarm as boy racers return to Ipswich neighbourhood

Tesco Extra in Copdock. Reports of young drivers gathering and racing through Pinewood, disturbing r

Tesco Extra in Copdock

A parish council has slammed the "intentional, disruptive, and anti-social" behaviour of 'street racers' who have returned to an Ipswich neighbourhood.

Pinewood Parish Council is calling for temporary surveillance cameras to monitor the car racers, who congregate at the Tesco Extra car park at the Copdock Interchange. 

Residents have previously raised concerns about the anti-social behaviour around the roads of Pinewood, which in 2019 were described as a "human Scalextric" track

Last month, the Star reported that fresh fears had been voiced about the 'boy racers' at Tesco, who had been joined by motorbikes. 

Adrian Rust, parish council chairman, said following the Star's article, the street racing quietened down but has now returned. 

Police encouraged members of the public to report any incidents of antisocial driving Picture: SIMO

'Boy racers' have returned to a Tesco car park in Ipswich (stock picture)

"Last weekend some of them returned," he said.

"They were performing doughnuts on the car park on Saturday evening and after the store closed on Sunday, they drove in and revved their engines for a while. 

"They then leave the carpark and race each other to the Copdock Interchange roundabout, with their exhausts popping all the while.

"It is extremely annoying for residents, particularly those who have to get up early or work shifts. 

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"Generally we can deal with the odd noise and are used to normal traffic noise, but this is  intentional, disruptive, anti-social and completely unnecessary.

"It is also potentially dangerous and a public safety issue.

"It is possible they did not expect a police presence on this particular weekend as they were likely to be otherwise occupied in other places due to the UEFA European Championship Final."

Mr Rust said temporary surveillance could be set up to trace those involved. 

"The new McDonald's restaurant has been approved so hopefully this will stop them being able to congregate at the side of the car park with exhausts facing Pinewood," he added. 

"Perhaps if they are not able to be a physical presence, the police should install some temporary surveillance cameras there to catch the culprits, then it would be possible to trace them through number plate recognition."

Mr Rust added that county councillor Chris Hudson is also once again contacting police and crime commissioner Tim Passmore over the issue. 

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