Calls for zero tolerance as 'boy racers' return to Tesco car park

Tesco Extra in Copdock. Reports of young drivers gathering and racing through Pinewood, disturbing r

Fresh concerns have been raised over 'boy racers' meeting at Tesco in Copdock

Fresh concerns have been raised over anti-social behaviour following the return of 'boy racers' to a supermarket car park in Ipswich.


Residents in the Pinewood area of the town are again being disturbed by the sounds of revving engines late at night from the Tesco Extra car park on the Copdock roundabout following similar issues over previous years

In September 2019, the roads around Pinewood were described as a “human Scalextric” track, with neighbours voicing fears that someone could get killed as young drivers sped around the estate. 

Christopher Hudson, county councillor for Belstead Brook, said the street car racers have now been joined by motorcyclists. 

Suffolk county councillor Christopher Hudson has called for an urgent meeting with Highways England. Picture: SIMON LEE/SCC

County councillor Christopher Hudson has called for 'zero tolerance' - Credit: Simon Lee

Mr Hudson, who has once again raised the issue with Suffolk's police and crime commissioner (PCC) Tim Passmore, called for "zero tolerance".

"I have written to the PCC asking to visit, and I am really asking for zero tolerance on this because residents are feeling very threatened," he said. 

"Obviously it is on Tesco land but they get on there and then decide to rev up at 11pm, 12am, 1am - it's a continuation of the problems from before but the additional thing is motorbikes.

"I am really asking that an example be made of these people, who have had ample opportunity to act reasonably. They are not acting reasonably.

"Some of the exhausts [on the cars] are illegal and really need seizing."

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Mr Passmore said he has actioned the issue with Suffolk police. 

Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore submitted a bid for the money Picture: ARCHANT

Suffolk's PCC Tim Passmore said he had actioned the issues with the constabulary - Credit: Archant

"I absolutely understand local residents' frustration and annoyance at this anti-social behaviour," he said. 

"As far as I'm concerned, any anti-social behaviour is unacceptable and particularly in this instance where they're being a real nuisance and disturbing the peace. 

"This came up a little while ago, it seems to have abated and now they've come back and it's a bit worse than it was. 

"We've actioned it to make sure it gets dealt with appropriately, and if they don't behave themselves then they run the risk of further action being taken. 

"So I hope they heed the warning, if not, then they know what will be coming to them.

"I shall be completely supportive of the constabulary of that because one warning is fair enough but if people persist then they can expect to be suitably admonished and I trust that they would be."