Salesman without ID calls on Suffolk homes in no cold calling zone

Holyrood Close is now a No Cold Calling Zone

A man selling double-glazing knocked on doors of homes in Trimley in a no cold calling zone

Suffolk Trading Standards is appealing for information after a man without identification knocked on doors of several village homes attempting to sell double glazing in a no cold calling zone. 

The organisation said it received reports of a man calling at properties in Trimley St Mary on Wednesday, October 27. 

The man knocked on doors in The Josselyns and although he was advised by villagers that it was a no cold calling zone, he continued to call at neighbouring properties and did not provide any identification. 

No residents signed up to receive the products or services offered, trading standards said. 

A spokeswoman for Suffolk Trading Standards said: "We would like to receive details of the man and the company he works for so that we can contact them to remind them of their responsibilities, as well as the legal restrictions of a no cold calling zone.

"If you have any details, please contact us vis Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 0808 223 1133."

More detail of no cold calling zones in Suffolk is available here. 

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