Dog owner given £2.5k bill for allowing pet to foul on neighbour's property

A Witnesham man has been fined for failing to clear up after his dog Picture: STUART ANDERSON

Anthony Mason has been handed a Criminal Behaviour Order for allowing his dog to foul - Credit: Archant

A dog owner who has persistently allowed his pet to foul on a neighbour's property has been stuck with a bill of more than £2,500 and handed a court order. 

Anthony Mason, 73, did not appear at Suffolk Magistrates' Court in Ipswich on Wednesday to be sentenced for four counts of failing to comply with a public spaces protection order. 

The court heard that Mason failed to remove faeces deposited by a dog under his control in Coopers Close, Witnesham, near Ipswich, on four occasions last year - May 20, July 7, July 21 and September 25. 

He was convicted of the offences on January 6. 

Victoria Jempson, acting on behalf of East Suffolk Council, which brought the prosecution, told magistrates that Mason had four previous convictions for similar offences. 

He was convicted of two offences in October 2018, and two more in October 2019, when he received a bill of more £1,000. 

Ms Jempson said a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) was now being sought due to the amount of like offences. 

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She told magistrates that two conditions must be met in order for the CBO to be imposed. 

She said: "The court must be satisfied, beyond reasonable doubt, that the offender has engaged in behaviour that caused or was likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to any person. Also, the court must consider that making the order will help in preventing the offender from engaging in such behaviour." 

She added that Mason has a "clear history" of offending and has shown a "complete lack of engagement" with the complainant. 

Magistrates decided to impose the CBO for three years, and it will end on February 3, 2024. 

Anyone who breaches a CBO can be fined or even imprisoned for up to four years. 

Magistrates also fined Mason £60 for the May 20 offence, £120 each for the July 7 and July 21 offences, and £180 for the September 25 offence, making a total of £480. 

Mason, who was sentenced in absence, was also ordered to pay costs of £1,980 and a victim surcharge of £48. 

This left Mason with a total bill of £2,508 and a 28-day collection order was made for the money.