Drunken Ipswich woman scratched and kicked police officers

Noel Vermilion, of Foundation Street, Ipswich, was given a suspended sentence at Ipswich Crown Court

Shannon O'Connor was sentenced at Ipswich Crown Court

A drunken Ipswich woman who assaulted two police officers as they tried to take her to hospital has been handed a community order. 

Police were called to Neale Street, Ipswich, around 1.30am on December 16 following reports of two drunk women banging on windows and rolling in the road, Ipswich Crown Court heard. 

Officers attended and found Shannon O'Connor, 21, and another woman shouting, and tried to reason with them, Liam Edwards, prosecuting, told the court. 

O'Connor was transported to hospital as police were worried about her level of intoxication, Mr Edwards said. 

But on arrival at the hospital, O'Connor refused to get out of the police van, and scratched an officer on the arm. 

She also kicked another officer, and was arrested, the court heard. 

O'Connor was interviewed by police at 7.30pm, and was not legally represented. 

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She said she remembered drinking vodka in the Easy Hotel in Ipswich, and the next thing she remembered after that was being in the back of the police van. 

O'Connor showed remorse in the interview, and said she wanted to apologise to the officers. 

The court heard that O'Connor, of Ancaster Road, Ipswich, has four previous convictions for five offences. 

O'Connor appeared for sentence on Monday, having previously pleaded guilty to two counts of assaulting an emergency worker. 

She was not legally represented at the hearing, and apologised to the court for her behaviour. 

O'Connor works full-time at an Ipswich hotel, the court heard. 

Recorder Graham Huston described the offences as "horrible" and said she should be ashamed of her actions.

He added: "The police have other things to do rather than mopping up drunks." 

He also told O'Connor that she has "got to change" otherwise she will end up going to prison. 

Recorder Huston sentenced O'Connor to an 18-month community order, with 20 rehabilitation activity requirement days. 

O'Connor will also have to wear an electronic tag for three months, with a curfew from 8pm to 6am. 

She will also have to pay a victim surcharge of £96.