Farmer's anger at fly-tipping near paddock

Suffolk farmer Tom Walne has been left very upset by the theft of his two pet sheep. Picture: PHIL M

Tom Walne has been left angered by the fly-tipping incident

A well-known Suffolk farmer has been left angered by fly-tipping near his paddock. 

Tom Walne, 87, said two large loads of broken concrete were dumped near his paddock at the bottom of Whitton Hill over the weekend. 

Mr Walne, who has owned a farm in Old Norwich Road, Ipswich, for more than 30 years, said one load of hardcore concrete was dumped sometime on Saturday while another heap was added on Sunday. 

He said: "Somebody must have seen that being loaded somewhere. That's not somebody who has chucked a couple of black bags in a car boot and dumped it. 

"The annoying thing is that somebody is being awkward because there are people who would have taken that stuff free of charge. It's good clean rubble. 

"This stuff isn't as bad as black bin bag rubbish to clear up as the bags get split open and rubbish goes everywhere and there's a lot to pick up. These are heaps of hardcore. 

"But it's frustrating and I just don't understand why someone would do something like that."

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Mr Walne's comments come as a new campaign has been launched to combat fly-tipping in the county. 

Concrete has been fly tipped on Old Norwich Road in Claydon. Picture: Sarah Lucy Brown

Farmer Tom Walne is unhappy about an incident of fly-tipping on Old Norwich Road in Claydon - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

The #scrapflytipping campaign has been set up by a group of local authorities who make up the Suffolk's Fly Tipping Action Group after it was revealed there were more than 4,500 incidents reported in the county last year. 

James Mallinder, councillor and chairman of Suffolk Waste Partnership, said: "There is no excuse for fly-tipping and it will not be tolerated in Suffolk.

"It is an incredibly selfish act and a blight on our local environment, a source of pollution, a potential danger to public health and a hazard to wildlife.

“Part of the problem is caused when people allow their waste to be taken away by unlicensed waste carriers, so it is essential that the public make sure that only licensed waste carriers are used.

"This can be easily checked by asking to see their waste carrier licence or by looking up the company, either on the Environment Agency website or by telephoning 03708 506506.”

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