'I only had it a month' - Ipswich woman's holiday nightmare as car stolen

Chloe's damaged Ford Fiesta.

Chloe's damaged Ford Fiesta. - Credit: SUPPLIED

A young mum from Ipswich was enjoying her first holiday with her daughter – when she heard that her car had been stolen. 

Chloe Allison, 22, was in Scotland with her young daughter, Ella, on Wednesday, April 20 when a neighbour texted her to ask if she had arrived home early. 

“She said my car had been moved,” explained Chloe. “I called her to check it was definitely gone, and then I called the police” 

With her holiday ruined, Chloe decided to come home immediately. 

“I put it on Facebook while I was still in Scotland,” said Chloe. 

As the car was a distinctive purple Ford Fiesta, she hoped that someone in Ipswich may recognise it. 

“It got about 300 shares, which was really good. And that’s how this lady found it,” she said. 

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A woman contacted Chloe, and told her that she could actually see the car from her back garden. 

“It was very well hidden,” she said. 

“There are metal gates outside her back garden, and it then leads to a field. It was wedged in the gate. 

“I asked her to send me photos from her point of view, and it was bad. 

“The windows were smashed in, the bit at the back was all dented so it looked like it had hit something, or like it was involved in a collision with another car.” 

Chloe has been left feeling upset and frustrated. 

“I want to know who did it, and why they did it,” she said.  

“It has upset me, because I did save up for some time just to get myself that car. There was a lot of hard work put into it. 

“I had only it for about a month, and that was it.” 

Chloe's damaged Ford Fiesta.

Chloe's damaged Ford Fiesta. - Credit: SUPPLIED

Suffolk police are investigating the theft. 

A spokesman said: “Police can confirm they received a report of a burglary […] in Ipswich. It took place on April 20 at some point between 1am and 3am 

“Entry to the property was made, with a set of keys to a Ford Fiesta taken with the vehicle subsequently stolen 

“On 22 April police received a further report that the vehicle had been located […] and has since been recovered."