Man tries lone woman's door handle while she waits at Ipswich traffic light

A van and moped have collided on Stoke Street, Ipswich.

Stoke Street, Ipswich

A driver has warned other motorists to lock their car doors after a man tried to get in her vehicle while she was waiting at traffic lights.

Olivia Stokes wants others to be careful of people trying to jump into or steal from moving cars in the Ipswich area. 

Ms Stokes was driving her new car home on July 5 when the light went red at the top of Stoke Street and Burrell Road. 

She then saw a man who looked like he was in his 30s, well-groomed, wearing a cream hoodie, a black bodywarmer, and blue jeans coming towards her. 

Feeling very panicked, she saw him then put a small note on her door - which the 23-year-old did not read. 

"I feel like the note was a distraction in the hope I'd read it and he’d jump in," she said. "I had a bag and phone in the front."

But then the man reached for her car door handle and at that moment she said she "couldn't find the control lock" to make sure he could not get in. 

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The lights changed and she was able to drive through Stoke Street and home. 

"Now I lock my door," she said. "Drivers need to lock their cars if they are driving through town. 

"I don’t know if he would have ended up in my car or taking my bag or phone."

She added that she is not frightened by the incident anymore since locking her door. 

A Suffolk police spokeswoman confirmed the details, saying: "At approximately 7pm on Monday, July 5, a woman, who was aged in her 20s, was driving along the road and, when she got to the junction with Stoke Street and Burrell Road, a man, who was holding a piece of paper, approached the car and tried the door handle.

"It was unlocked but did not open. When the lights changed, the woman drove away."

Any witnesses or anyone with information is asked to contact Suffolk police on 101, quoting 37/36417/21