Jailed in Suffolk: Man who squirted drain cleaner at police

Mark Bedwell was jailed for six years.

Mark Bedwell was jailed for six years. - Credit: Suffolk Constabulary

A man who squirted drain cleaner in a child’s water pistol at two police officers was jailed for six years this week. 

The corrosive fluid landed on the officers’ faces, hands and clothing, leaving them with painful blisters that needed treatment at a specialist burns unit, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

Mark Bedwell, 49, of Tonning Street, Lowestoft, was about to be extradited to the USA on the day of the attacks in December 2019.

Bedwell had denied two offences of throwing a corrosive substance with intent to burn, maim, disfigure or do them grievous bodily harm but changed his pleas to guilty on Monday. 

Isobel Ascherson, prosecuting, said that between 2017 and 2019 Bedwell had fought extradition to the USA for alleged offences.

In 2019 the courts issued a warrant for him to be taken to the USA to face trial.

He was notified that Metropolitan police officers would attend his home at 5am on December 5 2019 to take him to Heathrow Airport and be put on a plane to the USA.

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Two Suffolk officers attended to assist and when they arrived at the premises 4.45am they found the front door open.

They called out to Bedwell, who was in the kitchen.

The officers saw two suitcases in the hall and when one stopped to read a note he felt liquid splash on his face and an immediate burning sensation.

He saw Bedwell holding a super squirter which he aimed at the second officer.

Miss Ascherson said both officers felt “extreme pain and a burning sensation” and had turned and left the house.

Their Metropolitan colleagues poured water over them, and they were taken to hospital before being transferred to a specialist burns unit in Chelmsford.

The court heard one officer suffered blisters to his face, lips, chin, the tip of his tongue, neck, scalp and hands, while the other had injuries to his left ear, fingers and hands.

Michael Chambers, for Bedwell, said his client had no previous convictions and apologised for the effect the attack had on the officers and the people close to them.