'Disturbed and saddened' - MP on Ipswich town centre stabbing

Ipswich MP Tom Hunt has given his reaction to a stabbing in Ipswich town centre

Ipswich MP Tom Hunt has given his reaction to a stabbing in Ipswich town centre - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown/House of Commons

There is an issue with knife crime in Ipswich 'like many urban areas', MP Tom Hunt has said in the wake of a stabbing in the town centre.

A 28-year-old man suffered 'potentially life-threatening' injuries in an attack on Thursday night. 

The victim, who was stabbed in Upper Brook Street, remains in hospital. No arrests have yet been made.

Reacting to the incident, Ipswich MP Mr Hunt said: "Like other Ipswich residents, I was disturbed and saddened by the news that a stabbing incident took place last night in town. 

"I really hope that the individual in question recovers."

Ipswich MP Tom Hunt

Ipswich MP Tom Hunt has spoken out on knife crime in Ipswich following a 'potentially life-threatening' stabbing on Thursday, June 2. - Credit: House of Commons

He added: "Like many urban areas there is an issue with knife crime in Ipswich.

"Though I would hardly describe these sorts of incidents as frequent, they do occur too often. One attack like this is too many."

There have been a number of other knife attacks in Ipswich in recent weeks.

On May 16 a man in his 20s suffered stab wounds to his back and sides in the Hawthorn Drive area. Two people were arrested and released on bail. That came just weeks after a 16-year-old was left seriously hurt in a machete attack in the area.

Between Monday, May 16 and Sunday, May 22, police in Ipswich took part in 'Operation Sceptre' - a campaign to tackle knife crime and the associated risks of carrying a bladed weapon, as well as targeting offenders who use and carry knives.

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Tim Passmore, Suffolk's Police and Crime Commissioner, said: "Knife crime is an increasing problem nationally and it's got to stop.

"Carrying a knife doesn't make you safe sadly, as we all know, it can lead to dreadful consequences."

SPCC Tim Passmoore

Suffolk's Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmoore was involved in the delivery of Operation Sceptre. - Credit: Archant

In the week following Operation Sceptre, Suffolk police carried out seven warrants in Suffolk, with four people arrested for knife-related offences.

Mr Hunt also moved on to address the police presence in Ipswich and said: "I know the police are doing some good work in disrupting the work of county lines gangs and take the matter of knife crime very seriously.

"I've been clear before that I believe that the police presence in the town centre needs to be greater."

He said Suffolk was getting more police officers as part of the 20,000 uplift, but he was keen for the national funding formula to be looked at so Suffolk got a fairer deal.