Police carry out coastal vehicle checks as 39 Covid fines handed out

Felixstowe beach. Picture: ARCHANT

Police said they make 'no apologies' for conducting vehicle checks at coastal spots such as Felixstowe - Credit: Archant

Police carried out vehicle checks near Felixstowe over the weekend as the force ramps up its enforcement of Covid-19 regulations. 

The country entered its third lockdown on January 6 but concerns have been raised over people abusing or not following the rules compared with the March shutdown. 

Over the weekend, Suffolk police handed out 39 fixed penalty notices, compared to six fines issued the previous weekend. 

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Rob Jones, assistant chief constable with Suffolk police, said the checks were part of the force's plan as it looks to crackdown on Covid lockdown rule-breakers and patrols of coastal hotspots will continue. 

"Part of our plan is where we think the risk around public health will fall," he said. "Particularly on Saturday when it was a really nice day, if lots of people have the same idea about going to the coast, it can create a real problem cumulatively. 

"So part of the patrols were absolutely to go to places like Lowestoft and Felixstowe. Most people expect us to do that but those who are stopped don't always see it, and we recognise that there are different views but we're not going to apologise for enforcing more strongly."