Campaign's push for 'safer town' secures three more bleed control kits

 Jamie Hart, Julie Taylor, pub manager Jack Dillon and Paul Stansby (Be Lucky Anti Crime Foundation)

From the left: Jamie Hart (Be Lucky Anti Crime Foundation), Julie Taylor (Liam Taylor Legacy Foundation), pub manager Jack Dillon and Paul Stansby (Be Lucky Anti Crime Foundation) - Credit: Jamie Hart

Three more bleed control kits have been installed around Ipswich as the organiser of an anti-knife crime campaign continues “pushing for a safer town”. 

Paul Stansby and Jamie Hart from the Be Lucky Anti Crime Foundation and Julie Taylor from the Liam Taylor Legacy Foundation donated a bleed control to Halberd Inn, an Irish-themed pub in Ipswich. 

Julie Taylor, who lost her grandson, Liam Fish, in a knife crime over two years ago and Paul Stansby, whose brother, Dean, was murdered five years ago, raised £11,500 to fund bleed control kits around the town. 

Bleed control kit installed at Halberd Inn in Ipswich

Bleed control kit installed at Halberd Inn in Ipswich - Credit: Jamie Hart

Julie said: “Bleed control kits are needed everywhere. They should not be more than three minutes apart because you can potentially bleed out and die within three minutes.  

“I think that every single shop and every single business should have them mandatory on-site. 

“What’s more, we need more police, night watches, stop and searches as well as parents who check their children.” 

Another two bleed control kits have been installed in Ipswich town centre at Jamaica Street restaurant on Upper Orwell Street and Mobile Fone Experts on Carr Street. 

From the left: Jamie Hart, Paul Stansby and his son Saint  Dom Denton and Fabio Di Muccio (Jamaica Street)

From the left: Jamie Hart, Paul Stansby and his son Saint (Be Lucky Anti Crime Foundation), Dom Denton and Fabio Di Muccio (Jamaica Street) - Credit: Jamie Hart

Both kits were donated by the Copdock Bike Show and Lorraine Warren, the mother of Dean and Paul Stansby. 

Paul Stansbys, 39, the co-owner of Lucky 13 Tattoo Studio in Ipswich and co-founder of Be Lucky Anti Crime Foundation, admitted he feels proud that his initiative is growing stronger and stronger. 

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“What this shows me in strength is the support from the public and that everyone has been waiting for the right people in power to do what I am doing. 

Paul Stansby' son, Saint 

Paul Stansby' son, Saint - Credit: Paul Stansby

“I push to make a change as much as I can because the public is crying out for change and it's not happening, so we have to put prevention in place to help save the lives of the public as much as we can, and I have full support from this movement. 

“I will keep pushing for a safer town because we all need this. I will do everything in my power to help facilitate bleed control kits everywhere I can.” 

Dom Denton, Hera Miah Jamie Hart and Paul Stansby

Dom Denton, Hera Miah, Jamie Hart and Paul Stansby - Credit: Jamie Hart

This brings the total number of bleed control kits in the town to seven since May.

The other four kits can be found at Lucky 13 Tattoo Studio in St Margaret's Street, outside Chantry Library, at the Handy Corner shop on Dogs Head Street and at Razor King, in Ulster Avenue.