Police officer completes 2,222 push-up challenge for homeless shelter

PC Luke Hall starting his challenge of 2,222 push ups in 22 hours to raise money for the Ipswich Bus

PC Luke Hall starting his challenge of 2,222 push ups in 22 hours to raise money for the Ipswich Bus Shelter homelessness support service, cheered on by family and friends. - Credit: Denise Bradley

A Suffolk police officer has completed a gruelling fitness challenge to raise money for an Ipswich homeless shelter. 

Pc Luke Hall put his body to the test in taking on 2,222 sponsored push-ups to help The Bus Shelter - which works towards reducing the number of homeless people on Ipswich's streets. 

Launched in 2017, the Wherstead Road-based Bus Shelter has two double-decker buses and two outreach vans to serve the town's rough sleeper community. 

Pc Hall, a neighbourhood response officer for Ipswich, was inspired by American chef Andre Rush, who does 2,222 push-ups every weekday to raise awareness of the estimated 22 military veterans who die from suicide each day.  

Suffolk police officer Luke Hall

Suffolk police officer Luke Hall - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

Pc Hall, who was supported by members of his family during the challenge, said: "The fundamental thing is that we all go through struggles and at the end of the day, we're at least able to come home and have a warm meal and a roof over our heads. 

"But the people on the street, they go through the same struggles we do, day in, day out, and they still haven't got that warm home with a meal in their tummies and that, for me, is a couple of the human needs. 

"I just think if I can do this to help some people for a couple of months or a year then it's a job well done."

Pc Luke Hall from Suffolk police completed his push-up challenge on Saturday, May 22

Pc Luke Hall after he completed his 2,222 push-up challenge for The Bus Shelter in Ipswich - Credit: Luke Hall

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Pc Hall set out to do 400 press-ups every hour with sets of 15 to 20 at a time, and started at The Bus Shelter before moving on to the Grange Fitness gym in Martlesham Heath to complete the challenge in just under five-and-a-half hours. 

Speaking to this newspaper during the challenge, he said: "My arms are killing me, my head is banging and I feel sick but I'll get there."

Pc Luke Hall completed the push-up challenge for the Bus Shelter in Ipswich

Pc Luke Hall completed a 2,222 push-up challenge at the weekend - Credit: Denise Bradley

Pc Hall was aiming to raise £2,222 for The Bus Shelter, but has already exceeded that target on his JustGiving page

Bus shelter director Gareth Brenland said: "As well as the homeless, we've been helping an increasing number of struggling families over the last year.

"Any money raised will go towards shortfalls in supplies, running costs and maintaining extra outreach we're providing to refer people to services."

For more on the Bus Shelter's campaign to raise £50,000, click here

PC Luke Hall starting his challenge of 2,222 push ups in 22 hours to raise money for the Ipswich Bus

PC Luke Hall completed 2,222 push ups to raise money for the Ipswich Bus Shelter. - Credit: Denise Bradley