'I'm glad it got sorted out' - Neighbour's reaction after house boarded up

Canham Street house boarded up

The Canham Street council house in Ipswich boarded-up after drugs and prostitution concerns. - Credit: Archant

Neighbours have described seeing police officers and a locksmith arrive to board up a house at the centre of drug and prostitution concerns in Ipswich. 

Canham Street neighbours said they had not felt unsafe but were pleased issues had been "sorted out" after Suffolk police issued a closure order on Thursday.

The order means police can board up a property and evict everyone who is living there.

Suffolk police have executed a closure order on a property in Canham Street, near Portman Road

Suffolk police have executed a closure order on a property in Canham Street, near Portman Road - Credit: Suffolk Constabulary

Inspector Kirsty Graefe, of Ipswich West and Hadleigh Safer Neighbourhoods Team, hoped the "quality of life" for residents will improve and said this behaviour would "not be tolerated" by police. 

Residents described the tenant as a "vulnerable man". 

A resident of Canham Street, Natalie said: "They didn't cause any trouble around here. They were just jumping over the fence. 

"The police come up here a lot. They're just in and out. 

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"It's all boarded up now. So hopefully it will all be taken over again. 

"I don't have a clue about [prostituion]. I saw women going in and out. 

"I didn't have much to do with them. I just saw them occasionally and just said hello and that. I'm glad it got sorted out."

Another resident, who asked not to be named, said: "There were nine coppers, a man from the council and a locksmith. 

"They were there for a good two hours but he wasn't there. He was already gone. 

The house in question has been boarded up

The house in question has been boarded up - Credit: Suffolk Constabulary

"Taxi drivers would mention when they dropped us off that they drop a lot of prostitutes off there to the house.

"It all just got a little out of hand. He seemed to be quiet."

The tenant has been signposted to the relevant agencies who can assist them with finding alternative accommodation. 

The resident said officers regularly checked on the tenant, adding: "It was one of those awkward situations. He was just trying to live his life and try to help out others. 

"I suppose the council had no choice really. He was there a year and the police were going in and out for about a week, every week. 

"He would barricade himself in and would not answer the door. It was a shame for the neighbours on either side as they would hear the banging. 

"It's just one of those things I guess, people struggle. 

"I don't feel unsafe. I lived here when all the prostitutes were here. It's okay. It's part and parcel of life, isn't it?"

A nearby resident, Veronica, said that "you get a lot of drugs around here" and was surprised that the house was closed up by the police. 

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