Dog mess thrown at Ipswich bakery staff in 'nasty' attack

Zoe Hayman-Cox expanded her bakery business to the bowls club pavilion in Chantry Park recently

Zoe Hayman-Cox, owner of Sweet William's Bakery, reported the incident to the police - Credit: Ella Wilkinson

Attackers threw dog mess and hurled abuse at Ipswich bakery staff and customers in a "nasty" attack at Chantry Park.

Sweet William's Bakery owner Zoe Hayman-Cox said a group of boys and girls were tossing bags of dog mess out of a bin at the park at around 3.45pm yesterday.

They then turned their disgusting assault on the bakery, which moved to near the bowls club in June, by throwing the waste bags towards her and her customers.

Shouting abuse, reportedly of a sexual nature, one of the group also exposed himself by taking his trousers down and running around the lawn.

Chantry residents and customers have been hugely supportive of Zoe's new business

Chantry residents have been hugely supportive of Zoe Hayman-Cox after the attack - Credit: Ella Wilkinson

They also "seriously" threatened Ms Hayman-Cox and were physically aggressive in what she called an "upsetting" confrontation. 

Ms Hayman-Cox hopes it is just a one-off - but says she will not be cowed by their behaviour.

She says the community of Chantry has been "amazing" in its support, with Codfellas chip shop bringing her flowers and chocolates afterwards.

Ipswich Borough Council, whose park patrol team look after the area, also said it was a "concerning" incident.

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"Park patrol have visited and will be regularly returning to the bakery, including at a time when incidents occurred," a spokesman said. 

"Other council staff in the park are also ensuring they are visible and being especially vigilant for indications of possible anti-social behaviour.

Zoe sells scones, afternoon teas, cakes, cupcakes and brownies

Sweet William's Bakery is popular at Chantry Park - Credit: Ella Wilkinson

“To help solve the issues, our property services team are working with the bakery to see how we might stop such incidents.

"We are discussing with the bakery about improving security, which could include the use of CCTV and other measures."

Suffolk police said it was investigating an incident in Chantry Park where an offensive name was shouted, verbal threats were made, a youth exposed himself and several dog excrement bags were thrown. 

Witnesses should contact police on 101, quoting crime reference number 37/42641/21.