Convicted killer of Tavis Spencer-Aitkens posts birthday photo to Instagram

Kyreis Davies posted on Snapchat Picture: Suffolk Police

Kyries Davies has posted to social media before while behind bars - Credit: Archant

One of the convicted killers of Ipswich teenager Tavis Spencer-Aitkens appears to have posted on social media from prison again - only weeks after another gang member did exactly the same. 

Kyreis Davies was 17 in 2019 when he was jailed for a minimum of 21 years for his part in the murder of Tavis in June 2018. 

Davies, of of Turnstile Square, Colchester, was jailed alongside Aristote Yenge, 23, of Spring Road, Ipswich, Adebayo Amusa, 20, of Sovereign Road, Barking, and Isaac Calver, 19, of Firmin Close, Ipswich. 

Callum Plaats, aged 23 at the time of his sentence, was also convicted of manslaughter and jailed for 14 years. 

During their four-month trial at Ipswich Crown Court, a jury heard that Tavis was “hunted down like prey” and “butchered” to death after being stabbed 15 times and hit over the head with a bottle as he walked along Packard Avenue near his father’s home in June 2018. 

Kyreis Davies posted a photograph to Instagram

The picture of Kyreis Davies on Instagram - Credit: Instagram

A picture of Davies, who himself has posted to social media before while behind bars, was posted to social media platform Instagram appearing to celebrate his 19th birthday. 

This is the second time such an incident has happened in recent weeks, and is the latest in a series of similar posts involving the gang members. 

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As revealed in this newspaper, Plaats posted to Snapchat in late February, with photographs and crude captions. 

One read: "Man talk bad but they ain't got no bodies I got away with murder but I'll still get lifed off probably man repped the wrong gang and it turnt out costly." 

Tom Hunt has said he is 'appalled' by the five-year reduction of Kyreis Davies' sentence Picture: HO

Ipswich MP Tom Hunt recently wrote to the prisons minister - Credit: Archant

Following Plaats' most recent Snapchat posts, Ipswich MP Tom Hunt wrote again to the prisons minister to express his "disappointment and exasperation" at the issue. 

Mr Hunt previously met with Lucy Frazer QC over the issue of prisoners using mobile phones in jail. 

In his latest letter, he wrote: "I want to express my disappointment and exasperation that these violent criminals have been allowed to continually get away with breaking the law in this fashion with no serious consequences including no additional sentencing.

"The amount of pain and suffering this is causing the wider Ipswich community but particularly the family of Tavis is extraordinary.

"They have expressed to me how much they have lost faith in the justice system, that they feel harassed from their home and completely deflated by the continual posts made by the killers of Tavis."

Five people found guilty of killing Tavis Spencer-Aitkens: Kyreis Davies, Callum Plaats, Isaac Calve

Five people found guilty of killing Tavis Spencer-Aitkens: Kyreis Davies, Callum Plaats, Isaac Calver, Aristote Yenge, and Adebayo Amusa. - Credit: Archant

A spokesman for the Prison Service said: “We are spending £100 million on prison security, including X-ray body scanners, signal-blocking technology and dogs trained to sniff out mobiles.

"Anyone prisoner with a phone will be punished and faces two additional years behind bars.”