Teenager said 'life crumbled' following sexual assault allegations

Ipswich Crown Court

A man from Felixstowe allegedly assaulted two women on separate occasions - Credit: Charlotte Bond

A Felixstowe teenager accused of sexually assaulting two girls has told a jury that the allegations are "completely not true".

Giving evidence as his defence case began at Ipswich Crown Court, Harvey Windsor said his life had "crumbled" after he was accused of assaulting two girls on separate occasions when he was 16.

Windsor, now 19, of Grange Road, Felixstowe, was asked to explain to the jury the events leading up to the two alleged assaults

During the first event, Windsor said that he met up with the alleged victim during a party in Millennium Woods near Kesgrave.

He admitted kissing the girl and said: "She came up to me and asked me to come down the hill."

Windsor explained how the pair went around the corner and at one point, they both fell over.

Windsor said he landed in a press-up position over the top of her.

He denied sexually assaulting the alleged victim, and that they "bickered" about a bet so returned to the party separately.

Windsor added that he only found out about the allegations through a friend.

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Windsor also denied a second allegation that he had sexually assaulted a different girl following a party. 

He said that he was invited to sleep at the alleged victim's home, and that "nothing untoward" took place.

The court heard he protested his innocence to police in interview. 

Asked about the allegations, he said they were "completely not true". 

He said: "I am not like that. I class myself as a gentleman. I would never put any girl in that situation at all." 

Windsor added: "My life literally crumbled.

"Three years I have tried to put it into the back of my head."

The court previously heard that the two girls knew each other and the second alleged victim had been aware of the allegation made by the other girl against Windsor.

Windsor has denied sexually assaulting a woman over 16 by digital penetration in July 2018 and an alternative charge of sexually assaulting her.

He has also denied assaulting another woman over 16 by digital penetration in October 2018.

The trial continues.