Drug deal via Snapchat ended in 4 teens accused of kidnapping and robbery, court hears

Nigel Burns, 47, of Swallow Road, Ipswich, admitted seven sex offences at Ipswich Crown Court.

All four deny kidnapping and robbing another teenager on December 14. - Credit: GREGG BROWN

Two teenagers accused of being involved in the alleged kidnapping and robbery of a youth in Woodbridge with two other teenagers have chosen not to give evidence during their trial.

Before Ipswich Crown Court are Kai Mangar, 19, of Brunswick Road, Ipswich, Dylan Craft, of Mill Lane, Felixstowe, Nolan Akuoko, 18, of Faraday Road, Ipswich, and a 17-year-old youth also from Ipswich, who can’t be named because of his age.

All four have denied kidnapping and robbing another teenager on December 14 last year.

Mangar and the 17-year-old youth both chose not to give evidence during the trial.

Giving evidence last week Akuoko said he had arranged to meet the alleged victim after advertising some cannabis he was selling via Snapchat. 

He said the alleged victim got into the car willingly and he denied robbing or threatening him with a liquid and claimed he was dropped off after an altercation in the car.

Akuoko said the alleged victim owed him £500 for cannabis he had previously supplied him and had transferred money to him on December 14. 

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Giving evidence Craft claimed that the alleged victim had got into a car in which he was a passenger voluntarily to do a drug deal and hadn’t been kidnapped or robbed.

Craft told the court his co-defendant Kai Mangar had told him he was going to give another of their co-defendants, Nolan Akuoko, a lift and he had decided to go along with them.

He said that after the alleged victim had got into Mangar’s car voluntarily at Fen Meadow in Woodbridge there had been a fight between the alleged victim and Akuoko.

Craft said he and Mangar had intervened to break it up and things had calmed down but Akuoko and the alleged victim had both had some injuries.

He said the alleged victim had transferred money from his bank account and no-one had forced him to do it.

He denied that the alleged victim had been robbed of his coat and watch.

It has been claimed the teenager was lured to Fen Meadow by one of the defendants and was then set upon by two others and bundled into the back of the VW Polo. 

The trial continues.