Criticism over paving cash

WORK to improve the pavements in Felixstowe's main shopping street has been criticised as a waste of money.

WORK to improve the pavements in Felixstowe's main shopping street has been criticised as a waste of money.

The �25,000 high-quality block paving scheme is the latest phase in a long-term project to enhance the whole of Hamilton Road.

The main stretch between Boots and Bank Corner was done some years ago, and since then an additional short stretch has been completed with available funds each year.

But Jim Adams, of Jim and Donna's Barbers in Hamilton Road, criticised the work, saying it was unnecessary.

Mr Adams said: “At a time when everyone is dealing with the effects of the economic crisis, you would expect councils to show a little restraint and want to save some money, too.

“This is a complete waste of money.

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“The stretch of pavement where they are working was one of the best in the town - smooth, well-looked after, no bumps or potholes and not dangerous at all.

“I could show you several areas where work is actually needed to the paths.”

The town centre management group though believes the project, which will probably take another three or four years to complete, is worthwhile because it is making the town centre look more attractive for residents and visitors.

A county council spokeswoman said the latest phase of the work was being carried out between the Co-op and Post Office on one side of Hamilton Road, roughly opposite the area completed last year.

It is a partnership with the work paid for by the county council pavement repair budget, Felixstowe county councillors' locality budgets and the town council.

Work is expected to be complete by early February. There are temporary traffic lights in Hamilton Road during the project.

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