Dad brings daughter back from death

TO look at four-year-old Bethany Woods today you'd never suspect that five days ago her father brought her back from the brink of death.

TO look at this beautiful, happy four-year-old girl today you'd never suspect that five days says ago her father brought her back from the brink of death.

Quick-thinking Kevin Woods gave his little girl, Bethany, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in the back of their car after she stopped breathing.

Kevin, 35, and Treena Woods were on their way back home to Ipswich from Great Yarmouth with Bethany and Ryan, seven, on Friday when the drama unfolded.

At 11.30am, on the A12 near Saxmundham, Bethany stopped breathing

Treena, 31, said: “It was very scary. She went blue and I really did think we were going to lose her.

“We pulled over and laid her down on the back seat so that my husband could give her mouth to mouth.”

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Treena was able to flag down another driver who called 999 and took care of their son Ryan, seven, while Mr and Mrs Woods attended to their daughter.

Bethany suffers from a rare form of muscular dystrophy and her throat had become blocked with mucus.

Because her body is so weak she could not cough hard enough to clear the blockage.

She said: “Ryan was in the pouring rain without any shoes on but the man looked after him and tried to keep him warm.”

A section of the A12 was closed off so that the emergency crews could get through including an air ambulance.

Bethany came round just before the air ambulance arrived so was taken by road to Ipswich hospital where she was kept in overnight for observation.

Today the happy little girl is back at school without a care in the world.

Treena said: “She bounced back straight away and was more concerned about getting back to school to see her friends.

“Within hours she had gone from this life or death situation to sitting up in bed asking for sausages!”

Mr and Mrs Woods of Cecil Road, Ipswich want to thank the emergency services involved for arriving at the scene so quickly and the man who looked after their son.

Treena said: “I don't know the man's name but he pulled over straight away and was a great help to us.”

A charity concert to raise funds for Bethany is being held at the Elizabeth Hotel in Copdock on Thursday evening .

Music will be provided by Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band. There will also be performances from Just Blues and Mixjer. Tickets cost £10. For more information call 07704 520154.

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