Daisy’s loving life as an OAP – that’s Old Age Pusscat!

Daisy the 23 year old cat

Daisy the 23 year old cat

Could this be Suffolk’s oldest moggy?

Daisy the 23 year old cat with owner Rachael Jackson|

Daisy the 23 year old cat with owner Rachael Jackson|

In human years Daisy, 23, would be an incredible 115 years old.

But rather than having a mantelpiece stuffed full of telegrams from the Queen – the stately Suffolk puss is happy enough catnapping her way into extreme old age.

And owner Rachael Jackson said the old girl is showing no signs of giving up the ghost – even though the local vets thought she had shuffled off this mortal coil years ago!

And Daisy clearly has good genes – her brother only died 18 months ago at nearly 22 years old.

Rachael, from Ashcroft Road in Ipswich, got Daisy and Charlie from the Cats’ Protection League 21 years ago when they were about two years old.

She said: “Daisy’s been with me now for a very long time. When I sat down and worked out how old she was it was a bit of a surprise.

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“She’s slowed down a bit – she doesn’t go out catching things any more. She used to have her moments like that – the worst was when she once brought home a squirrel. And then she had a phase of catching frogs.”

Daisy has also been a very healthy cat. “I had to take her to the vets about a year ago,” said Rachael. “They looked her up on their records and said they hadn’t seen her for more than 10 years! They assumed she’d died years ago!”

Long-haired cats like Daisy can suffer as they get older with hair falling out and patches developing. That is not a problem she has faced.

Rachael said: “Actually under all that fur she’s quite a small cat, but she’s always been small and it doesn’t seem to have affected her at all. Certainly it hasn’t caused her any problems.”

She can have grumpy moments – but her mood has actually improved since brother Charlie died.

“I don’t think she really liked her brother. When he was around they had to share the attention. She wanted it all for herself and now she gets it all!” said Rachael.

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