Dangers of alcohol misuse highlighted by campaign

FELIXSTOWE: Campaigners have been giving advice to residents about the dangers of misusing alcohol as part of a national awareness week.

Officers from the Felixstowe SNT, Suffolk Coastal Community Safety Partnership and Community Service Volunteers were in Felixstowe on Thursday to give advice and information.

The event was part of National Alcohol Week and was staged in an attempt to increase residents’ understanding of alcohol, the dangers of misuse, and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Staff from the safety partnership were also able to offer advice to shoppers about their own, a friend or family member’s alcohol problems during a roadshow at Morrisons and Lidl.

Julia Catterwell, substance misuse officer from the Suffolk Coastal Community Safety Partnership, said: “We are highlighting the consequences of drinking too much alcohol and to be safe at home and on a night out.

“This is about responsible drinking whether you’re at home or on a night out.

“The response has been very good.”

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Residents of all ages are being targeted by the campaign, said Ms Catterwell.

“We are hoping to talk to some young people when they leave school so that we can give them some information.”

Those residents wanting further help and support were pointed in the direction of organisations that can help them.

Nick Barber, from Suffolk County Council, hailed the event and encouraged other residents to learn more about the dangers of alcohol.

He said: “It’s a very good idea. It’s something that we should all embrace because it’s very important.”

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