‘Nothing off limits’: Comedian Daniel Sloss comes to Ipswich

Daniel Sloss has made a record number of appearances on Conan and both of his previous tours Dark an

Daniel Sloss has made a record number of appearances on Conan and both of his previous tours Dark and Jigsaw are streamed on Netflix internationally. Picture: TROY EDIGE - Credit: Archant

A comedian who claims his last tour broke up more than 25,000 couples and led to 80 divorces is coming to Ipswich Corn Exchange on a new European and Asian tour.

The Netflix comedy star Daniel Sloss is famed for his dark material, which has tackled difficult subjects such as the death of his sister and how he was groomed as a child.

The 27-year-old has previously featured on Comedy Central's Roast Battles and ITV1's Sunday Night at the Palladium, as well as giving a Tedx talk aged just 22.

When asked about his new show, named simply X, he didn't want to give too much away.

He said: "You know those funny movies where all the funny bits are in the trailer? I can't run the risk of being the comedy equivalent of that.

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"It's my best show yet. But if you're easily offended, then please go away forever.

"Nothing is off limits in comedy, mine isn't even that offensive, but it's still best you just stay in and watch Strictly."

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Daniel's previous tour, Jigsaw, was his "love letter to single people" and he insists the show resulted in a wave of separations.

But when pressed for an answer why Daniel just said: "You will need to watch the show."

Jigsaw was released on Netflix as was his previous show Dark which was focused on explaining just why his humour is so dark.

When asked for advice for younger comedians, he said: "Just get on stage.

"There's no other way to get good - get on stage and do it now, work out how to be good later."

Sloss got the most exposure from Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which he has been performing at for more than 10 years now and is where he was scouted to appear on American personality show Conan - a show he has now done a record number of times.

"They rock as a crowd," he said. "Comedy started there and the audiences are real intelligent and fun."

He added: "Every heckling experience is the worst.

"Even if I'm smiling while you heckle, deep down I want awful things to happen to you and the people you love."

Daniel Sloss: X will be showing at the Ipswich Corn Exchange on Thursday, November 28.

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