'It seems to be part of life': county councillor on anti-social behaviour

Ipswich mayor David Goldsmith.
Picture Tom Potter

David Goldsmith has spoken about the anti-social behaviour in Ipswich

A county councillor has spoken out about anti-social behaviour in Ipswich saying: "It seems to be part of life now in this area."  

David Goldsmith, a former mayor of Ipswich, said he is often woken up in the middle of the night by people shouting in the streets.

The Whitehouse and Whitton county councillor added: "It is something we never had 20-years-ago but it seems to be quite common place now. 

"Even in the road I live in I often get woken up at two in the morning because of people arguing with each other on the street corner. 

"It seems to be part of life now in this area."

Mr Goldsmith believes the police are working to the best of their ability to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour taking place. 

"I am sure the police are doing all they can and the best they can," he added.

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"They can't be everywhere all the time and a lot of the incidents are probably not planned they are probably isolated.

"I think the police do a good job in the town."

His comments came after a teenage girl was sexually assaulted near Norwich Road and a man was taken to hospital following an assault also near Norwich Road. 

Both incidents are being treated as separate by police.  

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