Dear God - I'm stuck!

DRIVEN to desperation by the queues on the A14? Stressed-out with slow-moving traffic on the A12?The answer could come in the form of divine inspiration.

DRIVEN to desperation by the queues on the A14? Stressed-out with slow-moving traffic on the A12?

The answer could come in the form of divine inspiration.

A new survey released today has revealed that many motorists are turning to God to help them cope with their road rage.

The RAC Foundation survey discovered that nearly three in four drivers admitted to saying the odd prayer while behind the wheel and 22pc said they prayed on a regular basis.

RAC Foundation executive director Edmund King said: "Society has changed – with many people choosing to talk to whatever power they worship in ordinary places where they feel relaxed and uninhibited, like their cars. For some the car has become the new church."

The survey of 898 motorists nationwide found the most common prayers were "get me out of this" and "please make sure that speed camera didn't have any film".

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But people are also using their cars as a place for serious worship.

More than half of those who admitted praying said that it was for other people who were suffering in some way, or general prayers for families, friends and loved ones.

Vicars in Suffolk have welcomed the results of the survey.

Rev Robin Spittle of All Saints church, Kesgrave said: "Everyone can feel peaceful and harmonious in the middle of a church service but this is about practising your faith during the week, outside those conditions.

"We are always talking about the eyes of God as if He can only see what's going on in church but He is watching over us all the time and He is always there for people.

"I think He's probably got more pressing things to deal with than helping people in traffic jams but they are much better off praying for the person that cuts them up than sticking their fingers up at them."

Father Haley Dossor, priest at St Mary at the Elms in Elm Street, Ipswich agreed: "I am pleased to hear that so many people are still turning to prayer.

"Lots of people have such frenetic lives that it may be the only time they get the chance, but I would be disappointed if people were just praying to get them out of anything that has a legal implication."

"It's a pity if people are using their cars and never coming to church though because they are missing out on the community aspect. In a church people come together to pray."

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