Debate: Are A-levels getting easier?

UK: Students in south east England received the largest proportion of A* grades nationally in the A-level results published today.

Nearly a quarter of all A* grades awarded (23 per cent) were from the region. The South East accounts for 19pc of all A-level entries nationwide.

London saw the next highest proportion of papers scoring an A*, which is reserved for the very best entrants, with 17pc of the national total. Some 15% of all A-level candidates are from the capital.

The Eastern region had 13pc of all A*s awarded in England, with 12% of the total number of candidates coming from the area.

The North West was responsible for 12pc of A*-grade papers, with a total of 13pc of all A-level candidates being entered from that region.

One in 10 of the total number of A* grades was awarded in the South West, which entered one in 10 of all candidates across the country.

Students in the West Midlands accounted for 10pc of entries nationally, and 9% of the top grade recipients.

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A total of 9pc of exam entries came from the Yorkshire and Humber region, which gained 7pc of the A* grades awarded. The East Midlands was also responsible for 7pc of all A*s, with its students making up 8pc of all exam entrants.

Just 4pc of A-level entrants were from the North East, which accounted for 3pc of papers marked A*.

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