Dental records 'matched victim's wound'

PUBLISHED: 13:27 10 July 2001 | UPDATED: 10:20 03 March 2010

AN Ipswich man accused of killing a clubber, bit off part of his victim's nose after stamping on his head and repeatedly kicking him, a jury has heard.

AN Ipswich man accused of killing a clubber, bit off part of his victim's nose after stamping on his head and repeatedly kicking him, a jury has heard.

Lewis Carroll, 32, then ran off after leaving student 'Phil' Hoi Phat Lui unconscious on the pavement near Kartouche nightclub, it was alleged at Norwich Crown Court yesterday.

A doctor carrying out a post mortem examination on Mr Lui's body found bite marks to his nose which medical experts matched to Carroll's dental impressions, the jury was told.

Carroll had earlier attacked Mr Lui inside the Ipswich nightclub with Steven Lowe and Toby Woods after a joke about cigarettes on August 14 last year, it was claimed.

Mr Lui, a Suffolk College, student was taken to Ipswich Hospital in a coma after the attack but died on August 23 in Addenbrooke's Hospital, in Cambridge.

Mr Lui, who was 5ft 5ins tall and suffered from asthma, was described in court as a gentle man who was easy going and never looked for trouble.

Following the incident, he suffered a fractured skull, internal bleeding around the brain and his body was covered in bruises.

John Cawdle, opening the case for the prosecution, said the crown alleged Mr Lui's murder centred on a "brutal, cowardly and sustained attack".

Mr Cawdle said Mr Lui's injuries received inside the club were the ones responsible for his death.

Mr Lui, 24, was at the club with fellow student John Catlow celebrating Mr Catlow's upcoming birthday after drinking at two pubs in the town earlier that evening.

The court heard that a man with blond spikey hair sitting near the pair in the "garage" part of Kartouche asked for a cigarette and Mr Catlow offered him one, but then as a joke "teased" him by pulling the cigarette away a few times.

Lowe, 24, saw this and approached Mr Catlow. He moved his face to one side and punched the student in the face after becoming angry at his friend being laughed at.

Mr Catlow fell to the floor and was taken out of the club.

Mr Cawdle told the jury Mr Lui was punched then grabbed from behind by the neck by Woods who squeezed so strongly that Mr Lui's eyes were bulging and he started to choke.

Two other clubbers stepped in to stop the "nasty and brutal" assault and Woods returned to the bar.

As Mr Lui lay slumped on the ground, Carroll and Lowe punched and kicked Mr Lui, it was alleged.

A clubber pushed Lowe off Mr Lui and asked why he had attacked the student.

Lowe replied: "I was standing with my girlfriend and he came over and asked for a fight."

"That's a downright lie and nothing like that happened at all," Mr Cawdle told the jury.

While the clubber was attending to Mr Lui on the ground, Carroll and Lowe kicked Mr Lui in the head and body and stamped on his head while he lay helpless on the floor.

Mr Lui was carried downstairs to the club's lobby and Mr Catlow persuaded doormen to let him come back inside and he supported Mr Lui as the pair walked away from the club. But they were followed by Carroll, it was claimed.

Mr Catlow told the jury: "He (Carroll) was running and shouting at us – he was going crazy. He said 'You think that's a joke you think its funny see what you've done.'"

Mr Catlow managed to escape and Carroll then carried on kicking Mr Lui's unconscious body.

Mr Cawdle said: "Witnesses saw him (Carroll) kick Phil full in the face so hard it lifted him up into the air before he fell back motionless."

The jury was also told that witnesses saw Carroll bend down and bite part of Mr Lui's nose off.

Both men were later singled out in identity parades by clubbers.

Carroll of Crocus Close, Ipswich, and Lowe, 24, of Spring Road, Ipswich, both deny murdering Mr Lui on August 23 last year but admit assault causing actual bodily harm to Mr Catlow on August 14 last year.

Woods, 27, of Cosmeston Street, Cardiff, Wales, denies a charge of violent disorder on the same date.

The court was told that Mr Lui and Mr Catlow were taken to Ipswich Hospital shortly after Carroll was admitted for a nose injury after being punched by a clubber.

Carroll became aggressive towards hospital staff and punched Mr Catlow as he got off the ambulance after travelling with Mr Lui.

Lowe told friends and a pub landlady that he was involved in the fight inside the club but not outside but later claimed to police that he was not involved.

The trial continues.

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